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TSG x The Near Future Podcast EP.07 The Near Future of Family and Relationships

July 22, 2021

Our New Cyber Lives
What does it mean to be digitally healthy?

Markie L.C. Twist sits down with Techsauce to discuss the imminent rise in digital relationships, and how this new technology affects our sexual relationships as well. Twist breaks down some of the most burning questions in technology usage in our personal lives and our relationships are formed, maintained and how they end. Nowadays, people are increasingly testing the infusion of much more “personal” technology into their lives such as sex dolls and VR.

Twist explains the roles of these electronic relationships and how people are finding real connection, not just sex, with their bionic partners. She also discusses the implementation of this technology in developing countries. 

Find out more in this episode of The Near Future podcast created by Techsauce Media and SDGX. 

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