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TSG x The Near Future Podcast EP.06 The Near Future of Entrepreneur Talent

July 8, 2021

Can good entrepreneurs be created? 

Anne Luu, a person who has had a vast amount of experience working with leaders in startups and corporations as head of Global Partnerships for Fingerprint for Success says yes.  In this episode entitled, “The Near Future of Entrepreneur Talent”, Luu not only talks about how this is possible, but how leaders are dealing with new challenges brought on by COVID-19.  Today companies have to find new ways to solve problems such as employee burnout and work conflicts remotely. 

Luu voices the need for the recruitment process to be disrupted as the skills and talent needed in today’s workplace is constantly changing.  She also gives advice on how investors are shifting into venture building models to create communities to support startups. 

Find out more in this episode of The Near Future podcast created by Techsauce Media and SDGX.

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